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Deputy of research and technology is established for continual research programs and scientific development in medical fields in any country. Producing and expanding knowledge and technologies related to the health, and by qualitatively and quantitatively promoting the human researcher treasure. Furthermore, we pursue to elevate our university’s research rank both nationally and internationally, contribute in software movement, and achieve the comprehensive research map.

The deputy research and technology includes Administer of research & technology in charge of research, medical statistics and information providing, the central library, scientometrics, student research committee, the office of the relations with industry to develop research fields, as well as research Ethics committee.

This deputy is responsible for providing the grounds for research work, supplying scientific productions and expansions of scientific ties with other academic institutions. All these activities are designed with the cooperation of all departments, associated schools, and research centers, within the long-term research plan of the university. This office is also responsible for:

  • Supplying and distributing both printing and digital scientific resources
  • Assisting with holding scientific conferences and facilitating the participation of faculty members
  • Creation scientific relations with foreign centers
  • Development of applied, clinical and basic research proportional to the national research priorities
  • Utilize technologies required for research
  • Supporting the researchers by increasing research budgets
  • Promotion of young academic staff’s research abilities through holding educational workshops and establishing research consultation centers
  • Improving efficiency and effectiveness of research
  • Attracting and developing resources
  • increasing the quantity of university scientific journals and also promoting their quality in order to index them in high rank indexing databases
  • Persuading the researchers to conduct applied and productive research, and
  • Providing them to expand the university’s relations with other domestic and international universities
  • Promoting the present research centers and establishing new centers based on the upcoming needs